Mobile Browser support for ARIA roles, states, and properties

Last updated October 21, 2015


Overall Results Tally

Support Android  & Talkback w/ FF iOS & VO w/ Safari WP8.1 IE & W10 Edge w/ Narrator Android  & Talkback w/ Chrome
Yes 20 16 10/12 7
Partial 7 9 9 13
No 3 5 9/11 10


Testing Criteria

Notes on Mobile Testing

Findings by ARIA property, state, and role

Results Table

Role, state, or property iOS VoiceOver Talkback Firefox Talkback Chrome WP8.1 IE/W10 E
Landmarks Yes Yes No No
Checkbox Yes Yes Yes Yes
Radio Yes Yes Yes Yes
Links Yes Yes Partial Partial
Radiogroup, region, group Partial Yes Partial No
Alert Yes No No No
Heading and level Yes Yes Partial/No No
Button w/ aria-pressed Yes Yes No/Yes Partial
Combobox No No Partial No
Listbox Partial Yes Partial Yes
AlertDialog Yes Yes yes/partial No/Yes
Dialog No Partial No No/Yes
Grid Partial Yes Partial Partial
Menu Partial Partial Partial Yes
Presentation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Slider Partial Partial Partial Partial
Progressbar Partial Partial No Partial
Spinbutton No Partial No Partial
Tab, tablist yes Yes No Partial
Toolbar Partial Yes Partial Partial
Tree No Yes No Yes
Tooltip Yes Yes Yes Yes
aria-label, aria-labelledby, aria-describedby Yes Yes Partial Partial
aria-live Yes Yes Yes No
aria-expaznded Partial Partial No Yes
aria-grabbed, aria-dropeffect No No No No
aria-haspopup Partial Yes Partial No
aria-required, aria-invalid Yes Partial Partial No
aria-disabled Yes Yes Yes Yes
aria-hidden Yes Yes Yes Yes


Specific Finding

Exceptions are noted below. When nothing is noted then the item was found to be working as expected.

Landmark Results

Role Checkbox Results

Role Radio Button

Role Link Results

Roles Radiogroup Region and Group

Role Alert

Role Heading and aria-level

Role Button with aria-pressed

Role Combobox

Role Listbox

Role Alert Dialog

Role Dialog

Role Grid

Role Menu

Role Presentation

Role Slider

Role Progressbar

Role Spinbutton

Role tab and tablist

Role Toolbar

Role Tree

Role Tooltip

aria-label, aria-labelledby, and aria-describedby


* Results may vary depending on how the aria-live regions contents change.   For example wither they are changed with display property or addition of DOM nodes or DOM text nodes, etc.


aria-grabbed and aria-dropeffect


aria-required and aria-invalid




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